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Wick is a free bot, this page is where you can get the premium version of the bot.

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Wick Premium

$5 / month (1 server) • $7 / month (2 servers) • $10 / month (4 servers)

Join raid: Block raiders from joining your server (if there is a surge of suspicious accounts joining your server, wick will punish them all)

Premium JoinGate filters:
 - Bot Addition Filter: Only allow certain members to add bots to your server. Anyone unauthorized will have the bot they add kicked/banned

 - Unverified Bot Filter: Only allow Verified bots to be added!

Heat Panic Mode: If Wick notices some suspicious members recieving strikes, it will start a panic mode where it will eliminate any raiding account sending messages

More Anti Nuke Filters: Wick will watch all dangerous actions done by admins.

Prune Protection: You can remove Kick Members from your members and allow them to use Wick's kick command. This way, the Prune Members feature will not work and they will need to respect your anti nuke. If a prune happens, Wick will still punish the person who did it

Inactive Channel Filter: If one person decides to trick your auto mods and spams your general channel by sending a message once in a while, Wick will silence them.

Strict Quarantine Mode: Wick will keep an eye on all your roles and will punish admins trying to mess with them by adding dangerous permissions

Anti Nuke Panic Mode: If Wick notices anything weird happening in your server nuke wise, it will lock the server down and punish admins who did something bad. Then it will return the server to how it was (Next Update will make this stable)

Backups: Wick will take a backup of your server regularly and will allow the panic mode to use the recent backup made to restore the server back to how it was. (Next update should make this stable too)

Customizability: Change all settings of:
 - Verification (Your own Captcha)
 - Heat System
 - Anti Nuke
 - Join Raid

Wick VIP

$15 / month

All Premium features

Custom branded bot: Name, Profile Picture, and status are chosen and edited by you.

Own Instance: Your VIP bot will be hosted separately from other Wicks and will connect to a separate Database as well.

Many servers: You can have the VIP bot in many servers unlike the premium tier which offers you premium up to 4 servers max.

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